Unlocking the potential of Blockchain Technology
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Blockchain Consultancy

Helping you understand if blockchain technology can be used to your advantage.

Through workshops, analysis, and bespoke applications we deliver value and insight.

Customer Engagement

We have developed a suite of tools to engage with your customers and drive growth.

Open and transparent blockchains are a perfect fit for running marketing campaigns.


Proven track record in understanding and delivering non-fungible token solutions.

Implementing dApps such as KnownOrigin.io we are innovating as this nascent industry grows.

New Technology doesn't have to be complicated or scary.
Embrace cutting edge technology to maintain your competitive advantage.


How we can help?


We run workshops which will provide you with enough insight into how Blockchain can help or hinder your business.

  • Introduction to Blockchain technologies
  • Applications of Blockchain in your domain
  • Inception & prioritisation workshops

Product Delivery

We can build and prototype working versions of your products and services so you can assess viability and gain user feedback.

  • Smart Contract Development (inc. Solidity)
  • Prototyping, Proof-of-concepts & MVPs
  • Bespoke solution builds and delivery

Training & Mentoring

Projects required strong technical guidance and know how, we can up-skill and train your staff to ensure they can deliver.

  • Rapid introduction workshops for Web 3.0 technologies
  • Understanding the basic and how to apply them
  • Full stack Blockchain Integrations

Business Application

Gain an understanding to how your business can work new paradigms and technologies such as Blockchain.

  • Product analysis and strategic guidance
  • Technical consultancy and advisory
  • Validation and product critique

The Team

James Morgan

Blockchain Consultant

Andy Gray

Andy Gray

Blockchain Consultant

David Moore

UX Consultant

Jim Collins

Payments & DevOps Specialist

Oliver Carding

Marketing Consultant

Forged from over 40 years engineering experience from start-ups to international enterprises. Battle hardened blockchain experience but still learning everyday.


Smart Contracts

Industry experience in security auditing, implementation, design and tooling.

Prototyping & Analysis

Technical analysis and prototyping is used to validate the problem and solution.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 requires new approaches and thinking.


Decentralised applications on public and/or private Ethereum derivative blockchains.


Fast with near-zero fees, this could be the gateway into the world of distributed ledgers.

Enterprise Development

Blending blockchain technology at enterprise scale.

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