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Blockchain Consultancy based in Manchester, UK
We build products and help companies understand how blockchain technology can enhance their business.

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How we can help

Engineering & Development

From Smart Contract development and security audits, to API design and Blockchain integration.

Consultancy & Advice

Navigating new worlds can be a daunting task. We can offer strategic advice on how to successfully deliver change.


Blockchain is being applied to a wide and broad spectrum of businesses and industries. Understand the innovation in your sector.

Proof-of-Concept Development

Exploration and learning is one the best ways to validate ideas and products. Quickly validate your ideas.

Designing for Web 3.0

Web 3.0 introduces new UX requirements & design problems, requiring a new way of thinking.

Training & Mentoring

Our training and mentoring courses provide a solid foundation for further starting delivering solid blockchain foundations.

Cryptocurrency & Payment Solutions

From custom currency design to payment and digital asset processing. A pathway to accepting and trading in cryptocurrency.

Network of Experts

Use our network of established experts in areas such as Legal and Marketing to help deliver more than just software.

Designing whats right

Blockchains come in many shapes and sizes, whether its public or private, permissioned or federated. Understand the problem.

Technology we use


Building decentralised applications with smart contracts with public and/or private Ethereum chains

Understanding Ethereum 2.0 and the scaling solutions which are on the horizon.

Smart Contracts

We build secure and fully tested Smart Contracts with the Solidity language

We have gained experience in building Smart Contracts for use in areas such as token sales, identity, escrow, asset managing, voting and supply chains.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Having worked with NFTs and the ERC-721 specification since before it was finalised.

This is an area we have vast experience in, unique digital assets has huge potential for customers and businesses.


Stellar's public blockchain can be used for far more than just payments.

Fast with near-zero fees, this could be the gateway for many businesses into the world of Blockchain

Modern Web Technologies

We primarily use JavaScript, NodeJS, React and VueJS for web based solutions.

Falling back to enterprise friendly languages such as Java and Python for larger scale projects.

Our clients & projects

KnownOrigin.io is a pioneering arts platform enabling artists & users from around the world to sell and showcase rare digital arts.

Our offering to the great city of Manchester, helping promote adoption and spreading the word for what blockchain can be used with.

A revolutionary investment platform leveraging smart contracts to aid in investing in SME businesses. Utilising blockchain technologies to improve access and reduce costs.

Wakelet are building a human curated search engine, utilising micro-payments and rewards, challenging the dominance of the big search providers.
BlockRocket & KnownOrigin

Taking aim at CoinMarketCap but for non-fungible tokens, CryptoDecks are building tools so they will be the go to place for NFT traders.

Pioneering physical collectibles on utilising the Ethereum blockchain. Leveraging ERC-721 tokens to provide provence and authenticity.

Artblocks is a decentralised creativity platform for the Web 3.0 world - built using ERC-721 Non-fungible tokens on Ethereum.

A proud member of the Non-fungible Alliance - a common platform for all non-fungible thinkers, enthusiasts, and creators.

Pixie want to change the way that users interact with small businesses, developing a Stellar (XLM) based micro payments and rewards platform.

Why blockchain technology?


The decentralisation movement has started and nothing can stop it, people around the world are envisaging a world where this is more than hype and conjecture. We strongly believe this can change the way organisation, governments and financial services operate in the future.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 or Internet 3.0 signifies a new paradigm and marks a fundamental change in how websites and people interact on the web. Smarter more autonomous applications with greater powers giving more rights to users can be deployed.

Open & Transparent

Operating in the open distributes the norms for current business operations and promotes innovation. Where possible we see businesses pushing outside of the existing status-quo and being more transparent in ways such as data ownership & identity management.


Blockchains can facility trustless and near instant and open remuneration of funds and digital assets, from Smart Contracts to personal payments. We think that embracing & working with such technologies will become more mainstream in the coming years.


The fundamental building blocks of Blockchain & DLTs leverage state of the art cryptography making them exceptionally secure. Building secure software is paramount to the success of products and services.

Digital Assets

ICOs, STOs, CryptoKitties and Digital Arts represent only a small fraction of what is possible. Tokenization and digital assets allow for new types of ownership, tradeability use-cases.


At the core of blockchain is a ledger of statements or facts, you can build on top of this in a vast number of ways. The killer application which utilised these technologies are yet to be fully realsied.


Using Blockchain technology can leverage new ways of providing identity and data sovereignty for your users, we belief this is something not be overlooked. Siloed data owned by big corporations has been shown to be vulnerable, this doesn't have to be case.

Broad Toolkit

Public, private, permissioned and federated - many different Blockchain's exist and can be utilised by a broad spectrum of products and services, not all blockchain's are equal.

The team

James Morgan


James specialises in blockchain engineering and consulting. He spends most of his time with web 3.0, smart contracts and emerging technologies

Andy Gray


Andy focuses primarily on emerging technologies. Consulting with businesses on how to execute strategies to leverage blockchain technoology.

David Moore

Web 3.0 UX Consultant

David has taken his insights from product and application design and turned his focus towards blockchain

Oliver Carding

Media consultant & founder of Coinjournal.net

Oliver has worked with many large cryptocurrency companies on developing and implementing digital marketing strategies.